Ontario’s most trusted and reliable investigation agency.

When you need the expertise and reliability of a professional Investigation agency, call Sevitti Investigations.

We work to provide our clients with the truth. Our Private Investigators are experienced in providing confidential, ethical and unbiased investigative results.

As a licensed and insured agency we offer competitive rates and are committed to the truth, no matter the complexity of the case.

The founder of Sevitti Investigation has more than 20 years of experience in the Investigation and Security industry. She has honed the principles of Sevitti Investigations by working with a variety of clients from individuals and families, to businesses and law firms. With specialties in surveillance and research, we have the knowledge, tools and strategic partners to conduct your investigations and help you get to the truth.

Let our experienced and licensed Private Investigators eliminate the indefinite and provide you with candid information to make your decisions. Call us any time at 905-664-4449 or email us at info@sevittiinvestigations.ca.

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We offer investigative and research services to businesses, legal professionals, individuals and families.

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Have any questions about our services? Would you like a free consultation?  For any inquiries, give us a call at 905-664-4449 or email us.

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