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Many industries recognize the benefits of using a Private Investigation agency to assist in events such as workplace investigations, claim investigations or simply for information gathering. Below is information on some of our services. If what you are looking for is not listed, contact us to discuss your matter further.

Business Investigations

Surveillance/Monitor Activities

From investigating dubious claims to conducting checks on potential business partners, keeping an extra eye on specific circumstances can prove to be invaluable to an organizations reputation and financial bottom line. Let our experienced and licensed Private Investigators eliminate the indefinite and provide you with candid information to help with your decisions.

Information/Background Searches

Being equipped with important information is essential in all aspects of business. These searches can verify past events and other details about potential and current employees. They can also provide important information for future partnerships or issues with former employees. Sevitti Investigations conducts many searches including asset and property searches, bankruptcy and corporate searches. We utilize many resources including information data banks that are restricted to the public and online/social media searches.

Background Check

Criminal Background Check

Internal Investigations

A benefit to outsourcing internal investigations is having an impartial Investigator. With no loyalties or personal connections to your staff, our Investigators can provide unprejudiced results. Our services include;

  • Undercover investigations
  • Internal theft
  • Sexual harassment issues
  • Interviews and statements
  • Employee dismissals
  • Integrity Checks
  • Non-Compete agreements
  • Company closures

Valued Cargo Protection

Protect your physical assets and intellectual property through security transportation escorts. Our experienced staff and strategic partners have the knowledge and expertise to see your delivery from its point of origin to its destination. For more information about this service including GPS tracking and warehouse monitoring, contact us today.

Secure Transportation

GPS Monitoring

GPS Monitoring

Every organization is seeking ways to reduce loss and increase profit. Depending on the application, a GPS unit can be used for fleet management, asset tracking and even employee integrity. Using a GPS unit on a company vehicle can provide protection, peace of mind and invaluable information. A GPS unit can provide a variety of information including location details, vehicle speed information, theft recovery, geo-fencing and a panic button.

Spot Check

Depending on the circumstance, a third party check on a business or address can provide information that may help to make an important decision. Call Sevitti Investigations to discuss this option.

Criminal Background Check

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