Low Light Solutions for Covert Video and Photos

While conducting surveillance or acquiring video in low light, investigators face several disadvantages including poor focus or even no view of our objective. With few effective solutions, investigators often accept the lack of sight or grainy video footage as the best we can do with these unfortunate circumstances.

At Sevitti Investigations, we have a solution to this challenge. With skilled Private Investigators utilizing proprietary state of the art equipment created for just these conditions, we are able to see and obtain images in the darkest of situations. Whether we are monitoring an individual’s activities during a labour disruption at night when a location is most vulnerable, or collecting information such as vehicle markers or suspicious individuals, our equipment will meet your needs. With Sevitti Investigation you don’t have settle for inferior video or missed opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about our enhanced service and get the results you need.

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Distance Solutions for Covert Video and Photos

Most often investigators have limited distance range to conduct our operations due to restrictions from store bought cameras. This requires us to get in close, and risk detection. Sevitti Investigations has the solution. With professionally designed and built state of the art camera equipment not available in stores, we are able to obtain quality video and photographs from more than 800 metres away. This allows our Investigators to collect and document the objective with increased success of eluding detection.

Consider this enhanced service for monitoring a location or situation with sensitive activity, where avoiding detection is of the utmost importance.